Molly & Sunday & Quickie

Molly & Sunday

Molly & Sunday
Molly with DD Sunday Society

Mollys' Accomplishments:

  • 1997 Associate of Arts Degree from Diablo Valley Junior College in California
  • 2000 BA Degree in Psychology from University of Nevada, Reno with a focus on Animal Behavior, and completed a year of Animal Science courses
  • 2002 Certified Equine Body Worker through Equinology completing Basic & Advanced Equine Sports Massage training
  • 2003 ATS Certified Equine Acuscope Therapist through Animal Therapy Systems (ATS)
  • 2004 Certified for Equine Myofascial Release through Equinology
  • 2006 ATS Certified Equine Instructor
  • 2007 Completion of training for Equine Biomechanics & Equine Nutrition
  • 2008 PTS Certified Basic Human Acuscope Therapist through Progressive Therapy Systems (PTS)
  • 2009 ATS Certified Canine Therapist
  • 2009 ATS Certified Canine Instructor
  • 2012 Completion of Specialized Human Acuscope Training with a Focus on Sports Medicine Applications
  • Named the ATS Top Ranked Instructor annually since 2008
  • 2012 Developed and founded the ONLY Sports Medicine specific training program with the Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System. This program is offered through Elite Athletic Consultants and is approved by PTS.
  • 2013 Completion of Specialized Human Acuscope Training
  • 2013 PTS Secondary Human Training
  • 2014 to present through the National Academy of Sports Medicine: PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist), CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), BCS (Behavior Change Specialist), CNC (Certified Nutrition Coach).

Molly Wells comes from an athletic background. She incorporated her athletic knowledge and experiences into her business, Equinessence, which started in 2002. Her goal in the equine athletic world was to optimize the level of performance, extend the career life of equine athletes, and allow those with career threatening conditions and injuries to recover and continue to compete. Currently, Molly is the most active and most requested Equine Therapist and Equine Instructor in the world for the animal calibrated Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System.

Molly & Quickie
Molly with Go Be Quick

Mollys' athletic background began when she started swimming at the age of three, and she continued to swim for U.S. teams throughout high school. She was a diverse athlete playing both basketball and tennis throughout middle school and high school while maintaining her swimming eligibility. Molly then went on to swim for Diablo Valley Junior College where she achieved the status of being an All-American swimmer, and received her Associate of Arts degree. She then transferred to the University of Nevada, Reno being accepted into the Animal Science program, continued her swimming career with the NCAA Division 1 ranked team, and graduated three years later. Molly's experience being an elite collegiate athlete allowed her to understand what it takes to keep an athletes' body going through extensive training, pain, and injuries.

Towards the end of her swimming career, Molly began barrel racing in 1999. She currently owns and competes on two horses, Go Be Quick (Quickie) and DD Sunday Society (Sunday). Molly achieved one of her dreams in 2007 by earning her WPRA card (Women's Professional Rodeo Association) with Quickie. Both Quickie and Sunday are personal testiments of Molly's work, and the Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System. They both have chronic conditions that are typically thought of to be career ending in the equine world however, that has not been the case with these two exceptional horses.

Molly & Sunday
Molly with Sunday

In 2009 Quickie suffered a fractured coffin bone after falling during a run, and previous to that incident was also diagnosed with side bone (a chronic condition in both front feet). Molly quickly implemented her rehabilitation program and Quickie recovered 75% faster than the original prognosis. One of her first runs back she placed 5th out of 691 entries at the NBHA Las Vegas Super Show. She is now 18 years old, still sound, still competing, and continues to place and win. She is kept on a consistent treatment program, and her side bone remains maintained.

In 2011 Sunday suffered a bone chip in his stifle during one of his runs. Through extensive diagnostics, he was diagnosed with OCD in both stifles (a degenerative condition that is irreversible). After surgically removing the chip the Veterinarian also found further damage to his meniscus. Along with outstanding veterinary care, Sunday underwent Molly's rehabilitation program. He was cleared for training in a fraction of the expected time and returned to barrel racing. The following season he was also diagnosed with ring bone (an arthritic condition of the pastern joints on the front end of the body). Now aware of his chronic conditions, Molly keeps him on a consistent treatment program and continues to compete on him. Sunday remains sound, strong, and healthy.

Stormy and Molly
Molly and Stormy

As a result of Molly's education, training, experience and love for animals she has been able to make a remarkable difference in the animal world. She works in conjunction with Veterinarians, and believes that it takes a team of professionals in order to create a balanced healing environment for the animal. She also continues to work and train with Veterinarians, Physicians, and Physical Therapists in order to expand her knowledge and education. Molly believes in the power of education and has traveled throughout the country being a speaker at conferences and offering lectures and seminars on equine physical therapy. She also takes great pride in training other qualified AcuscopeTherapists. The growing demand in this field, and knowing that there are more animals being helped by this proven therapy system are main motivating factors for Molly's dedication.

Breeze Streaker and Cash Go Be Quick

Equinessence is dedicated to the loving memories of Breeze, Streaker, Cash, and Quickie.
Always loved, and never forgotten.