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Molly Wells is the Top Ranked Certified Instructor for Animal Therapy Systems, the exclusive distributor for the Animal Calibrated Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System. This is the only animal training program approved by the manufacturer of this modality, and it is the original training program for the Animal Calibrated instruments. Molly has over 17 years of experience in this field, and has been offering courses throughout the country since 2006. Her successful work as an instructor has lead her to be named the Top Ranked Instructor annually since 2008 when the title was introduced. She incorporates her personal experience as an ATS Certified Acuscope Therapist into her courses, along with her extended credentials and education, as well as her skillset and knowledge in the performance industry. When working with Molly Wells and Animal Therapy Systems, you can be confident that not only are you coming to the right place to purchase properly calibrated instruments, but that you are also coming to the right place to learn. We ultimately want to make a positive impact within the equine and canine industries, as we properly guide and educate every student who becomes a part of our program. We abide by the FDA guidelines of the Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System and teach our students how to work within their proper scope of practice in order to optimize their success. This ultimately leads to a better industry, and more animals benefiting from this therapy system.

We now offer several courses and training options within our program. Our original ATS Training and Certification Program, the ATS Personal Use Course, and the ATS Transition Course.

Molly demonstrating how to evaluate a horse during class
Molly demonstrating how to evaluate a horse during class

The original ATS Training and Certification Course consists of an 80+ hour course plus an additional 4 weeks of the certification process. This is structured for those who have professional goals, and for anyone who benefits from extended training, and consecutive days of thorough and detailed courses. The students who complete this program become ATS Certified Equine or Canine Acuscope Therapists. We now offer a NEW 30 hour training held over a 3 day period for our Personal Use Equine or Canine Courses. This option is designed for owners who want to learn how to care for their own animals. Once owners have successfully completed this course then they become eligible for our 5 day ATS Transition Course. This optional training was developed for owners who decide that they would like to expand their knowledge and experience to become an ATS Certified Acuscope Therapist at some point in the future. We also offer refresher seminars, intermediate courses, and advanced courses as a part of our continuing education program. Through our continuing education program our students can expand their knowledge by learning new tools, treatments, and advanced protocols. A great aspect of our training program is that we include post-training consultation time to all of our students at no additional charge. We have proven to be the most consistent, standardized, and efficient program where we offer the most thorough training available in the industry, taught by qualified Instructors.

For the students who complete our original ATS Training and Certification process, we support our students through our Referral Program. For all of the students who remain in good standing with Animal Therapy Systems, they are eligible to receive referrals from both ATS and Molly Wells. In order to remain in good standing with our company one must follow all of the manufacturers' recommendations and specifications, utilize the protocols taught to them through our program to abide by the FDA guidelines, conduct themselves professionally, work with their local veterinarians, and always remain in the best interest of the animals that they are working with.

To learn more about our Approved Training Program and an insight to the courses that are instructed by Molly Wells, please watch our video. If you would like more information or if you are interested in becoming a part of the ATS team please contact Molly for further information.

Practical application time during class
Practical application time during class

London being treated
See London's recovery on our Canine YouTube video

Molly teaching Renate Finley during class
Molly teaching Renate Finley during class in Texas

Practicing anatomy during class
Practicing anatomy during class

Molly Wells, EBW & Certified ATS Equine/Canine Acuscope Therapist
Certified & Approved Instructor/Representative for Animal Therapy Systems.
Molly has been named the Top Ranked Instructor for Animal Therapy Systems annually from 2008 to 2019, since the title was introduced.

ATS Training and Certification Course Description:
This is an intense 80+ hour certification course that will teach you how to utilize the FDA-approved Animal Calibrated Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System. This is the most technologically sophisticated, micro-current therapy system available in the animal health care industry. The course consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Learning the history of the equipment and technology.
  • Specific protocols and treatments for optimizing performance and preventative programs, general maintenance for chronic conditions, to full rehabilitation programs.
  • How to optimize performance for horses in training through preventative care and maintenance.
  • How to care for animals with chronic conditions by slowing down the progression of the condition and providing a non-invasive pain management option.
  • How to accelerate the healing process through correct rehabilitation programs for a vast range of injuries.
  • Anatomy
  • How to properly work with veterinarians.
  • Learn how to utilize the biofeedback system with the animal calibrated instruments for evaluation purposes and for therapeutic monitoring of each session.
  • Post-training consultation time is included with the tuition.
  • All students who have attended one of Molly’s courses are welcome to return to a future scheduled course to refresh and practice at no additional charge.
  • And much more…

This program is approved by the manufacturer of the instruments and can be verified at www.designmed.com.
*Practitioners, technicians, and certified physical therapists may qualify for a 40 hour/5 day course.

Recent Courses:

December 4-6 ATS Canine Acuscope Certification Workshop (Reno, NV)
December 11-21 ATS Equine Acuscope Training and Certification Course (Dixon, CA)

Upcoming Courses:

Molly Wells does not currently have any courses scheduled, however there are other courses offered throughout the country. Please contact Molly Wells for the upcoming course schedule.

Due to the current circumstances, we are currently scheduling courses upon request. If you are interested in an ATS Acuscope Training and Certification Course or a Personal Use Course, please contact us for availability.

Course availability: Courses are limited to 6 students. If you are planning on attending an upcoming course, please register as soon as possible to hold your place.

Group and private courses are available through the United States and Internationally upon request.